Newlong NP-7A + Spring Balance Unit & Hanger

Newlong NP-7A + Spring Balance Unit & Hanger

$1,250.00 + GST


The Newlong NP-7A is the gold standard in industrial bag closing technology. In our opinion, it’s the most reliable portable bag closer on the market today.


This high-speed, single thread chain stitch sewing machine weighs just 6kg. It features a fully enclosed 240V motor delivering speeds of up to 1,900 rpm. It’s ideal for a range of agricultural, commercial and industrial uses including closing bags of animal feed, fertiliser, flour and other food products, chemicals and other products. It can handle a range of bagging materials including kraft paper, cotton, hessian, jute, PP/PE woven cloth and others.

Special Features

While the NP-7A is ultra-lightweight and designed for hand-held use, handling and comfort can be enhanced by incorporating a spring balance unit and hanger. This unit is made by Newlong specifically for the NP-7A. It supports the weight of the bag closer, taking unnecessary stress off the operator.

Once the unit is secured to the roof or ceiling, the user can pull the machine down to a comfortable working height. The unit will then suspend the bag closer upright and positioned at the correct height. This unit is ideal for operators standing and working in one spot for long periods of time. It also has the added bonus of keeping your bag sower off the ground, protecting it from dirt, dust and damage and ensuring it doesn’t create a trip hazard.  

Our Service

The NP-7A with spring balance unit and hanger is available for online order now. We offer express delivery Australia-wide and can organise same-day dispatch for orders placed before 11am. 

As an added bonus, when you order this package, we’ll give you a free starter pack, which includes:

  • 2x 250g 6-ply white thread cones
  • 5x spare needles
  • Accessories kit with oil bottle and tools
  • Full instruction and spare parts manual
  • Ongoing after-sales support and technical advice

We also stock a full range of Newlong NP-7A parts, needles and threads and we can handle all repairs, servicing and maintenance for all Newlong bag closers. 

Give us a call today on (03) 9464 3074 to place an order or for expert technical support and advice.

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