Parts Manuals

The Kameo team offers free downloads for a range of heavy duty and portable industrial bag closing machine manuals.

Proper servicing and maintenance is essential to ensure the long life of your bag closing equipment. It’s important to follow all maintenance recommendations as laid out in the service manual to keep your bag stitching machine in peak working condition.

Each manual includes a comprehensive list of all machine parts to help you when ordering replacement parts.

If you have any questions, or your machine manual isn’t listed below, don’t hesitate to contact the team at Kameo. Give us a call on (03) 9464 3074 or contact us online. 

Newlong NP-7A Manual

The Newlong NP-7A manual includes complete technical specifications, spares parts lists and machine schematics. It also includes instructions for making adjustments and replacing parts, as well as machine maintenance guidelines.

Download the Newlong NP-7A manual.

Union Special 2200GAU Manual

The Union Special 2200GAU manual includes a complete spare parts list and full machine schematics. It provides detailed explanations for the proper set-up, operation and adjustment of the 2200 Series sewing machines. It includes full machine specifications, needle information, thread guide and maintenance guidelines.

Download the Union SPecial 2200GAU manual.

Newlong DS-9 Manual 

The Newlong DS-9 manual contains instructions and guidelines for the safe operation of this portable sewing machine. It includes full parts listings and machine schematics, threading and adjustment instructions, lubrication recommendations, troubleshooting guide and full maintenance guidelines.

Download the Newlong DS-9 manual.

YaoHan N600H Manual

The YaoHan N600A and N600H manual contains a detailed parts list. It also includes complete machine schematics and a list of necessary tools for repair and maintenance.

Download the YaoHan N600H manual.

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